Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boys VS. Girls!!!

Guys! Have you ever asked yourselves: Why can't women be more like men? I've asked myself this question plenty of times. Women probably say the same thing about us too, lol. Through research and field work I have come up with the conclusion that men and women think and communicate in dramatically different ways. Now back in another era women were just expected to behave and stay in the house while the man worked and played. Times have changed. What used to be a resigned, "Well, boys will be boys!" or "Isn't that just like a woman?" is now grounds for a lover to depart for greener pastures. Women have become a lot more independent. Today, ladies demand a sensitive man who will share their feelings. And men envision a superwoman who gives them great company, beautiful babies, great compassion, and explosive orgasms. Of course we can't all get what we want, lol. However you can spot a gender gap a mile away if you paid attention enough.

While picking up my little bros from school I noticed something going on in the playground. Little boys were roughhousing with other little boys, and some were playing cowboys and indians. Meanwhile, around the on the other side of the playground, little girls were sharing dolls, holding deep communication with other little girls, and playing patty cake. Unfortunately, the same gap splits all other age groups right down the middle. The men stand around arguing sports or cars, and the women, seated around the room, are supportively chatting with each other. Why the division? It's simply because men enjoy talking about certain subjects and women fancy others. Additionally, men have different styles of talking than women do.

Guys, to help women like you better, look like a man, work like a man, walk like a man, talk like a man, but be sensitive like a woman. Don't be frightened that you will sound effeminate discussing the subtleties women excel at, such as insights into people and their feelings. Being a fascinating conversationalist to a woman definitely does not detract from your masculinity. It merely makes you multidimensional and engrossing to talk to.

Ladies, to help a man understand you better, look like a woman, smile like a woman, smell like a woman, speak softly like a woman, but think like a man. Don't be concerned that discussing subjects the boys like makes you sound like one of the boys. Hearing subjects and sentiments close to a man's heart coming from your softly rounded feminine lips makes you a fascinating woman. They will think you're different from the rest of the females, and think your the coolest chick ever!

Man talk VS. Woman Talk?

I believe women are more people-centered and men are more thing-centered. Men enjoy talking about cars, sports, gadgets, how something is made, how it works, how they can fix it, what its effect is, and how they control it. More intellectual men expand things to include ideas and concepts. But they still discuss how these concepts work, how they can fix them, how they affect the world, and how much power they have over them! Men exchange facts and opinions like trading cards. They like to play "Who can trump whom?" with the cards. I wouldn't recommend going into the competitive aspect of men's conversation because men have fragile egos, but women, brushing up on sports, cars, and computers increases your chances of communicating well with men. I personally get super turned on by women who do go into the competitive aspect XD If you learn how to hold your own with some men by bantering about UFC and V8 engines, you will be a sexy lady indeed ^^

Generally, women have excellent insights into people, their problems, and their responses to various situations. They often talk about health, the arts, personal growth, and sometimes spiritual subjects. Women are more apt to explore how individuals work together and what constitutes a smooth and supportive environment, not who's on top and who's on bottom like men. Learn to thoughtfully probe feelings.

Tips ^^

Men, whatever she is discussing, simply ask, "How do you feel about that?" Go ahead, force yourself. After she pulls her jaw back up to get it operable, she will respond enthusiastically. You can ask the question about practically anything. No matter what she is discussing, she has feelings on the subject and, unlike you, she is probably more in touch with those feelings. She can articulate them better.

Women, unless the relationship is in safe waters or you detect that your he is the sensitive type, don't go overboard by asking a man how he feels about a situation. Women, can you ask a man how he feels about a particular situation? Sure, but he will probably consider it an irrelevant female question. He might give you a one or two-word answer which you, of course would interpret as abrupt. Things could spiral down from there. Men simply don't usually think first about their feelings, just as you are not as comfortable thinking in competitive terms.

Women, when stalking and talking with boys, keep your explanations short. Shave down the details. Be Direct!


Men, instead of worrying about how you can score with a great line when you meet a woman, simply flesh out whatever you are saying. Elaborate, and share interesting details. If she likes you, she will love hearing about how something looked, sounded, or seemed. Paint a pretty picture for her to enjoy.

Men, when a lady is upset, beg her to tell you about it. Then listen like a woman listens. It makes you a more caring man in your their eyes. Listen the way a woman listens, not like a man. To many men, listening means getting the wax out of their ears just long enough to gather sufficient data and then offering their solution. Women listen to each other knowing that they need to get whatever is bothering them out of their systems. Let her talk. As her stream of consciousness starts to slow to a trickle, you may probe and possibly offer gentle suggestions to show you are concerned about her problem. But do not feel you must solve her problem. Do not feel it is your responsibility. Do not feel as though she is blaming you. Simply listen.


Ladies, if a man is upset about something that has nothing to do with you, do not smoke him out of his hole. Do not make him feel guilty for not telling you about it. Let him know you're there if he wants to share, but give him the freedom to burrow in his hole until he is ready to crawl out all by himself. Respect his silence the way one of his buddies would. Men are not accustomed to sharing their feelings, so if you insist he talk about it, you're asking him to do something he has never learned and he will take it out on you. Do not be hurt if he chooses not share it with you. In his terms, he is demonstrating his respect for you by not burdening you with his problem.


Another gentle habit of the gentle sex that, unfortunately, drives men crazy is that she hints at something she wants, or she turns it into the form of a tentative gentle question. Ladies, realize that men will take your questions literally. When you want something, say "I want" or "I'd like to." Avoid phrases like "Would you like to" or "Do you think we should." If your thirsty or need to go to the bathroom, say so!

Men, instead of telling her what the two of you are going to do, ask her opinion first. Also, when she asks you a question, don't take it literally. Read between the lines to see what she's hinting at. When she asks, "Would you like to," it probably means she would like to. Instead of just saying "I'm hungry" and making a sharp swerve into the next fast-food joint, ask her if she'd like something to eat. She'll probably answer, "Would you?" After you say yes, ask her what kind of food she think, would be good. Let her answer. Then you can make a sharp swerve for the nearest grub.

Ladies, when a man is doing something for you, even if he's failing beyond belief, zip your lip. Unless it's a matter of life and death, force an appreciative smile. Run outside where he can't hear you if you have to scream, "Stuuuuuupid, do it right!" Ladies, assume the guy is a typical male who wants to be trusted to do everything right. The following advice may sound like antifemmist lunacy but, I'm sad to say, it does work: Never give a man advice when he's helping you, never! Even if he's trying to fix your car with Scotch tape and you know seven better ways to do it, hold your tongue, and maybe call a mechanic later when he is gone.


Men, when you see a woman struggling, go to her and ask if she would like your help. Unlike your male buddies, she will not assume you don't trust her to do it herself. She will interpret your help as caring about her and her problems. Men want to be trusted with things. Women want to feel cared for.


Ladies, this is subtle stuff indeed, but say would instead of could when asking a man for favors. When he hears could, the competitive beast hears a challenge to his expertise, not a request for his valuable services. The male brain hears could literally as "Are you able to fix this for me?" That's a veiled challenge. It's asking him if he is capable of helping you. Say, "Would you give me a hand with this?" It's a subtle difference of one letter, but would assumes that of course he is capable, and it offers him the opportunity to be gallant.


Men, when you mess up, simply have the courage to say "I'm sorry." When you see how they warms up to you, you won't be sorry you said it. A lot of men have trouble saying these words for some reason. It won't kill you, just say it like you mean it.

Following these simple tips will save you a lot of money on your car insurance. And from headaches and heartaches when dealing with the opposite genders! If people took the time to look into gender differences, I think people would be a lot better at understanding and communicating with each other. Well that's all for now. Good luck children!

I'll be sure to have an anime convention survival guide before then! ^_^

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Military's Bait

At some point in my life I have considered joining the military. Even after Zeitgeist part one, lol. I compared Army and Navy, and was trying to choose a path in order to pay for college. However despite the money for college and all the other benefits and neat perks, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Why you say? Well, after weeks of thinking about it, here are my reasons why I wouldn't enlist.

1. You may be KILLED! (Enough Said)

2. You may have to KILL!
I don't know about you, but I believe no one has the right to take the life of another. (Vash and Rem lesson ^^) They might not even be a bad person to begin with. You never know. Would you really feel good about yourself if you had to kill innocent unarmed civilians? Men, women, and children?

3. You may SUFFER long-term health problems.
Can the military really guarantee you will be alive after you contract? No. Even if you live, you are more likely to suffer a number of things such as post-traumatic stress disorder, diseases, injuries, depression, etc. One thing that recruiters will never tell you is 1 out of 3 homeless people are veterans. The military doesn't seem to honor nor take care of you after your service now do they?

4. You HAVE to give up your some, if not all your CIVIL RIGHTS!
Once you enlist, you pretty much become a dog of the military. You are ordered around 24/7, and if you do happen to disobey; You can be punished without trial or jury. If your gay, bi, or lesbian you can be punished for being honest about it. Free speech is severely limited, and worst of all if you want to quit, you can't :(

5. The whole process is DEHUMANIZING!
Basic training is not training you for any civilian job, it is training you for war. They put you through a process where you lose yourself and become a dog. They want you to feel no remorse, and do what ever is ordered. They don't care about the psychological costs of killing or the horrors of war. They want you to feel nothing! The kind of discipline they teach is worthless to you. They teach you to blindly follow orders instead of you being able to make your own decisions. They don't care about your beliefs and values. Then when you finally come back to society, you are bankrupt of who you are. You look for a way to regain what you lost and try to become a part of society again. However, not everyone is fortunate to regain control of their life again. Why do you think 1/3 of homeless are veterans? Or what the reason is for the high suicide rate of veterans?

I'm not telling you all not to join the military. All I want you guys to do is do some research before you go through with this decision. It's a major life changing decision that affects you and your loved ones, and you can't turn back once you've signed the contract. Be prepared to go to war, even a war you don't agree with. It could be a war won or lost, but either way you can always find veterans who can't forget some of the awful things they have seen or done. Is it a risk your willing to take?

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here's a countdown for the sexiest anime convention in the Midwest!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you need to go to College?

Today I want to talk about a common misconception that people always brainwash us with throughout high school. The saying that: YOU HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE! The other half of the phrase tends to lead to the following statements:

1. To be successful in life

2. To make lots of money

3. To become educated

Frankly, this is a dirty lie, and it misleads a lot of teens like us because:

1. Everyone has a different take on what success means. My indicator for success is when you make more money than your wife can spend XD

2. There are many alternatives if money is what your looking for.
A. A job that doesn't require a 4 year degree. There are high paying jobs that don't require a degree. Here are a few.

B. College is a HUGE investment. Over half of the people who go don't even graduate! The average annual cost of a year in a 4 year public (In-state) university is around $18,000! Also inflation raises that price by %6.8 or more a year! How long and how much more would that be with loan interest rates? Ever hear of the 30 year plan? If you are part of the half that dropped out; you would be better off now if you didn't go at all.

3. There are many paths to better yourself through learning. Some of the brightest people never went to college. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, etc. Lavish yourself in books, and learn from other sources. College does not make a person educated. A person educates himself through college.

A lot of people get into college for all the wrong reasons. I believe a person should go to college only if he needs to. Pursue something you want to do, and don't just pick a career for the money. You will be a lot happier doing something you enjoy than something you don't. This is why the phrase: YOU NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE! Is garbage. It's not your only option in life, and you should only go to college if you want to pursue a career that needs a degree. Let me put it this way. If you do something you enjoy in life, you will never have to work a day in your life.
Cheers ^^

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Otaku Invasion!!!

Well I know a lot of you, after reading my blog, must think I'm the biggest geek in the world, lol. Well today I want to talk about the group of geeks called Otakus! Generally speaking there are plenty of subclasses inside the group itself. I only know 3 off the top of my head, but there are probably a lot more. There's the hardcore ones that watch anime till their eyes bleed, and live in their own worlds usually. They love to try things they see in anime, and make very detailed, accurate, sexy cosplays! Sometimes they can be elitists though, and I set those people on fire at conventions ^^ Then there are the CREEPERS!!! They are the darkside of our group. The OVERLY obsessive ones. They stalk lolis and moe girls or have a scary obsession with yaoi, and they like to dress up as the opposite gender, usually forgetting their own genders at some point. lol, well I could go on and on about creepers, but then we would never get to the last group. The Party Otakus! The Otakus who still have their social lives, and have that really SEXY CRAZY SIDE!!! They know how to party, and you can usually find them rocking out at your local con's Rave. Don't underestimate them though, they will still go toe to toe with you on their favorite animes. I personally used to be hardcore to the max up until near the end of freshmen year. Now I'm a Party Otaku who loves partying at conventions, rocking at Jrock concerts, and livin life everyday with some Otaku Funkiness :P But when it all comes down to it. Were all related. We are all anime lovers at the core. And we shouldn't look down upon others in our group unless were helping them up, no? Except Narutards, let those guys bleed to death! MWAHAHAHAHA! jk, lol, but yea, if you have friends who are living without anime ever being shined down upon their soul, then try to introduce them to something they might like. That doesn't mean strapping them down to a chair and supergluing thier eyelids open though. All in all we are getting to be a recognized group in America and other countries. Embrace your Otakuness! Don't be afraid or ashamed of it! After having this realization, join us! AND WE SHALL WAGE WAR AND DESTROY THE OTHER GEEK TRIBES!!!!!